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All classes are being held virtually using Zoom.
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Dance School in Buffalo, NY

Lisa Taylor Academy of Ballet & Dance Arts and Romney Taylor's World Fighting Arts is a partnership offering the finest training in Classical Ballet, Isshin Ryu Karate and arts education through dance in Buffalo, NY.

Through professional training by qualified teachers, our family friendly academy provides each student in our ballet classes and karate classes with individualized attention resulting in successful development of the body, mind and spirit.

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While we teach a centuries-old art form with excellence, we are aware of the sensibilities and challenges of living in today's world and seek to provide an environment that nurtures the growing artist and provides the disciplined structure necessary to successfully learn the art of ballet.

Dance education is as important to the development of the whole person as success in academics and sports. Classical ballet is strongly linked to musical, visual and theatrical arts. We are interested in being an important part of the education of the young people we work with and providing an expressive, healthful outlet for people of all ages to explore movement.

Ballet classes tailored to the needs of the student.

The Academy offers professional training with discipline in a creative environment, designed to meet the needs of students and teachers at all stages of development: beginner through advanced, ages 3 to adult.

Placement of students at our dance school is always based on the individual needs and goals of each student. Class sizes are limited to ensure individual attention and age appropriate development. Each student's progress is tracked individually and each student is encouraged to progress at his/her own pace.

Students in class levels A-D use a Progress Notebook to track weekly development and dance classes they have attended. All dance students receive Progress Reports at the end of each semester.

Romney Taylor's World Fighting Arts

Authentic Isshin Ryu Karate

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Ages 5 through adult
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